EXPO 2010 Shanghai CHINA
May 1, 2010 - Oct 31, 2010
EXPO 2010 Shanghai CHINA (May 1, 2010 – Oct 31, 2010) :


Paragon is the proud Supplier of below EXPO Projects (Water System Projects):
Singapore Pavillion, Germany Pavilion, France Pavilion, Italy Pavilion, Sweden Pavilion, Austria Pavilion, Korea Pavilion, Philippines Pavilion, Poland Pavilion, Peru Pavilion, Japan Industrial Pavilion, China Aviation Pavilion and so on!



Project Background

World Expositions are galleries of human inspirations and thoughts. World Expo 2010 held in Shanghai.  Its theme is “Better City, Better Life”.  About 250 countries, areas and international organizations participated in the exposition. There are more than 100 expo sites including expo axis, national pavilions, and enterprises pavilions.  Innovative, green and environmental are the most important concepts in expo sites construction. Many national and enterprise pavilions have their own restaurants and kitchens which are opened for visitors and working staff.  There are more than 400,000 guests visiting Expo garden, and a lot of them will have meal in the restaurants in the garden.  So, the expo sites need high quality water purification solutions.


Requirements Analysis

Though the tap water supplied to Shanghai Expo sites was treated, many national pavilions, enterprise pavilions and restaurants have their high requirements on water quality.
1. Adhere to the green guideline, the kitchens of Expo site need direct-drinking water.
2. The responsibility of the kitchens in each national pavilion is to provide the specific cuisine to visitors and their employees, so they have high requirement on the food materials, water quality and tastes to ensure the cuisine natural flavor.
3. Tap water is required to connect the coffee machine, ice machine, roaster, and etc directly, so protecting the machines, as well as ensuring the water quality are very important.
4. The restaurants of Expo sites will operate for more than 5 months, which requires large water capacities.
5. Each expo sites offer different installation space for water purification equipment, which needs customized solution to meet diversified requirements.  It seems that the water purification requirement of expo sites is simple, but how to realize and satisfy the needs perfectly is not simple.


Paragon Solutions

After strictly testing, Paragon beat other competitors, and was selected to be the water purification system provider for 21 Expo pavilions, including Italy and France Pavilion, and etc, ensuring the safe and healthy water supply. Here we will introduce the detailed solutions that Paragon provided to Italy Pavilion, France Pavilion and Mister Donut.

-Water Purification Solutions in Italy Pavilion Restaurant


The restaurant of Italian Pavilion has two kitchens, one is large, and the other is small.  The small kitchen has coffee machine and ice-cream machine.  According to that situation, Paragon provided Point of Entry water purification machines PW-1.5-150 and PW-1.2-120, as well as P5250-UV Special Unit and 20’ Resin.
Considering the large water capacity requirement, Paragon installed PW-1.5-150 at the point of entrance Italian Pavilion restaurant. The total water capacity of the product is 946 tons, and the best filtrated water influent is 1.5-2.0 tons/hour.  It adopts the filtration media of KDF55 and granular activated carbon (GAC), as well as GE valve, which makes machines reliable, smart and easy to use.  When water enters the valve, KDF55, the High-purity copper-zinc redox media consistently electrochemically removes 99% of chlorine, water-soluble heavy metal and sulfureted hydrogen, control microorganism growth and reduce scale.  Then granular activated carbon further removes the dissolved chlorine gas to improve the taste.  Filtrated tap water will not only make the cooked food more delicious, but also make the kitchen easier to clean.


In the small kitchen, Paragon provided PW-1.2-120, P5250-UV Special Unit and 20’ Resin. Tap water filtrated by PW-1.2-120 will be divided into three parts:  one for common usage in kitchen, one for coffee machine, and the other for ice-cream machine.  For the coffee machine, considering the equipment protection and coffee taste, water is required to be softened.  Paragon installed resin to have water softened.


For the ice-cream machine, it has high requirement for water.  Due to the limited installment space, fixed pipeline layout and no sewage outfall, Paragon installed P5250-UV Special Unit.  First, 3-stages pre-filtration removes effectively the sediment, suspended solid, colloidal substances and etc.  Second, ultraviolet sterilizing system conducts thorough disinfection.  It is efficient, simple and dependable.  Its life span is as long as 5,000 hours (advanced international level).  After that, there will have another 5-stages precise filtration by the medium of KDF and GAC, and finally cationic exchanging resin is installed to remove effectively calcium & magnesium ions (the main elements to form scale) so as to lower the hardness of the water.  The filtered water can meet the requirement of ice-cream machine.



-Water Purification Solutions in France Pavilion Restaurant


The 6sens Restaurant in the top floor of France Pavilion is very famous.  It has a bar, two gardens.  Paragon provided it with central softening systems and P5250 maintenance-free under counter water filters.
Water in the restaurant is divided into two parts.  One is used for washing, which needs to connect with the heater.  According to water capacity, Paragon installed PSE-25 softening system in the Pavilion, removing calcium & magnesium ions and avoiding scale when heater heats water.  In the meantime, softened water allows less detergent when washing dishes.


The other usage is for drinking.  Considering the requirement of water capacity is small for bar, Paragon installed P5250UC at the usage point in the restaurant.  The water capacity of P5250UC is 75 tons.  It is absolutely maintenance free with no need to change cartridge and prevent second contamination.  The medium of KDF 55 and GAC in P5250UC effectively remove heavy metal, chlorine, sulfureted hydrogen, controls bacteria and scale, ensuring the water for direct drinking.


In addition, P5250UC is installed in 18 VIP lounges in France Pavilion, providing guests with filtered direct-drinking water in summer.


-Water Purification Solution for Mister Donuts Expo Shop

Mister Donuts is an American dessert chain restaurant.  It is Paragon global partner.  The solutions Paragon provided is: PW-1.5-15, UV sterilizer and PSE-25, to meet the requirement of direct-drinking, equipment protection and washing.



For all the restaurants, Paragon will install UV sterilizer for the client.


Project Results

The restaurants in expo sites are all satisfied with Paragon water purification solutions.  Filtered tap water by Paragon can be drink directly, and both quality and taste are good.

EXPO 2010 Shanghai CHINA (May 1, 2010 – Oct 31, 2010) :