Service & Repair

Service and repair of Paragon products is handled by Paragon Living Limited and our Authorized Distribution Centers.

Outside H.K.?
If your Paragon product requires service and you are not in Hong Kong, please do not return these products to Paragon for repair. For more information, please contact your reseller.

H.K. Service and Repair
Please print our Repair Correspondence Form,  fill it and return your repair item with the completed form.

Repair Correspondence Form

If your repair is in-warranty, please include a copy of your purchase receipt. Repair items should be sent to:

Paragon Living Limited
Attn: Service Department
Unit 2621 Tuen Mun Central Square
22 Hoi Wing Road
Tuen Mun  NT  Hong Kong
+852 3106 8489

Repair Costs for Out-Of-Warranty Products
Products that are out of warranty, can be repaired for a cost, which would be quoted by case.

If a product is returned damaged, or cannot be serviced economically due to obsolescence, Paragon may, at our option, return the product as received, or offer to replace the product at a higher replacement cost.

If you require an estimate prior to repair, turnaround time will be significantly longer.  Paragon must receive a response and payment of repair estimates within 5 business days. All open estimates over 5 business days will be returned as is.

If you need further information, you may call us at 852-3106-8489, or contact us by email at

Replacement Parts
Most replacement parts (and many accessories) for Paragon products are available through our Service Department. For information on purchasing these items, please contact the Service Department directly.